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What is GENERATE all about?

You serve students at a great and important time. First, there are ample resources and even many more excellent camps available to serve your needs, but also this time is so very important during these days of critical faith formation. At GENERATE our team will work hard to serve you and your needs well, while creating an experience that will impact the other 51-weeks of your ministry year. We are strategic and intentional to create experiences where the name of Jesus is lifted up, where the Gospel is proclaimed through the preaching and studying of the Word, and where not only are students encouraged to take the next step in their faith journey, but the challenge and opportunity to be a person of global impact is clear. These experiences happen in times of personal devotion, in small group times of reading, listening and responding, in group/community building and serving, in times of corporate worship, and in strategic times with your church.

In the end, a camp can’t really change a life, but a real experience with God can. We don’t want to simply create moments, we want to partner with you and through the work of God be a part of moments that matter.

What are the age groups for students attending GENERATE?

GENERATE is designed for students that are 6th-12 graders, graduates, and the adults that come with the group.

With many camp options and many camp styles, why GENERATE?

You as a leader need to simply find what model camp best fits your needs for your ministry. At GENERATE we are intentional with every aspect of the camp experience. Our number one goal is to support you and your local ministry. You know your students best, so we strive to give you plenty of options to meet them where they are and challenge them to take the next step in their faith journey. We also know that you and the adults in your group are the ones who go home with your students, so we design the camp experience to make sure community, relationships, and connection continue at home. Although our staff may be awesome at reaching out to your students, our prayer is for you and the adults in your group to be the true heroes of the week. Our team is here to support you and your team.

In case you need to know, all GENERATE staff undergoes state and federal background screenings, motor vehicle reporting for those who drive company vehicles, and child protection screening.  Because of the day we live in, GENERATE seeks to provide the safest environment possible for your students.

So which option is best for our group between CONNECT, SERVE, GUIDE, LEAD or EXPLORE?

You know your students and their needs best. So we’ve created five unique GENERATE Camp options for you to choose from.

CONNECT is a great option for community building within your group. Groups in this option (called “villages”) will be in Bible study for part of the day, and will also participate in group building activities, all lead by your adult leaders. As the group leader, you decide if you want your students combined with other students from other churches (called “combined”) or if you want your students to be in villages of just students from your church (called “independent”).

SERVE allows your group to get off campus and serve for much of the day with one of our Community Partners (our team will take care of the details). In this option, your “village” will be students just from your church.

EXPLORE allows you to decide how you want to spend your day from 10:00am though dinner. If you want to be off campus enjoying what the region has to offer, go for it! In this option, your students will also be in villages with students from your group. Note: Your selection needs to be for the entire week rather than by the day.

GUIDE is the best option for churches who desire to work in cooperation with the GENERATE staff. Instead of your adult chaperones leading your students in Bible study, recreation group building activities, and worship pre-gatherings, one of our Village Guides (a GENERATE staff member) will shepherd your group. Adults from your church will still be involved as participants with your students during the daily recreation session, maintaining a 1:5 student to adult ratio. All groups that choose the GUIDE option will be combined with students from other churches.

LEAD TEAM One of the best ways to learn to be a disciple-maker is to learn alongside other disciple-makers. LEAD TEAMS allow for a small group of older students (10th grade and older) to be a part of GENERATE by serving alongside our staff. Your group will participate in staff devotions, meetings, development, worship, and areas of concentration such as production, recreation, and support roles. Additionally, each student will receive a t-shirt, a selected book about serving, endorsements for future employment and spend time in mentor-ship moments with a staff member. LEAD TEAMS are limited to 20 spaces per week of camp and are required to arrive one day before camp actually begins to help the staff set up.  NOTE – The LEAD TEAM option is completely separate from all other GENERATE options. If you have another group from your church doing a different option the same week you have a LEAD TEAM at camp, the two groups will be separated for the entire week.

*Note: Your selection needs to be for the entire week rather than by the day.

Why are some options more expensive than others?

Options may vary based off daily expenses associated with that option. SERVE for instance, is a higher cost due to a few variables. Expenses for things such as boxed lunches, ice for coolers, project expenses with community partners, vehicles, fuel, and staff create a higher per person cost. EXPLORE is an option that is cheaper, knowing that you will be planning activities for your group on your own. Any activities that incur additional charges, whether on campus or off campus, will need to be paid for by your group. Our goal is to always be good stewards of resources and manage expenses in a way to accomplish as much as possible within appropriate budgets.

Can half of my group do one option and the other half do another option?

Of course! We want to do all we can to meet the needs of your ministry. If you would like to have certain students on one option, and certain students in another, we can make it happen. This would basically mean your church has two registrations for a certain week of camp. Your name can be the main contact for both registrations, but for the week of camp, we will need contact information for the other adults in your group.

What is a Village or Village Leaders?

Villages are small group Bible studies that your students will be in throughout their week at GENERATE. The village names used at camp are actual villages from around the world. These villages at camp will consist of approximately 8-14 students, along with village leaders. Village leaders take on the role of leading students in their walk with Christ, with the hope that this leading will continue on at home. Our staff will meet with these village leaders daily to cover some of the Bible study highlights, and to enjoy a time of encouragement and equipping each day. Village leaders may also be accompanied by a student leader (12th grade-college age) who is ready to take on more responsibility in the discipleship process. These student leaders can help lead the group of students in the village, but only under the direction of the village leader.

Are Villages made up of just my students or will students from other churches be included?

At GENERATE, if you choose CONNECT students can either be with students from different churches (called “combined”) or stay with your own church (called “independent”). Groups in the SERVE and the EXPLORE options will be in villages with just your church and have Bible study at work sites or during your daily activities.

Why do my adult leaders have to teach the Bible study in the Connect option?

It goes back to the philosophy of supporting the local church. We believe it’s important for adults from the local church to be involved in what happens at camp. After all, they go home with the students. Their leadership during camp builds friendships, accountability and connection that travel on the ride home with the students.

What is the adult to student ratio?

We suggest to bring ONE adult for every FIVE students (5 to 1 ratio) gender specific. This includes you as the group leader. We will ask for you to have ONE adult for every TEN students to lead a village, so not every adult that comes along has to lead a group. We consider leaders anyone over 20-years of age. Please make sure you have enough leaders to monitor the students in the housing arrangements provided.

What are the general expectations/qualifications that I should have in an adult leader?

Be an adult (20 or over), be a Christ-follower, be willing to be used by God, and be available. Also, your church is responsible for having a child-protection policy where background checks have been performed.

What will my other adults do during the week?

Some will be Village Leaders leading Bible studies and helping during the day in your selected track time. They will be involved in counseling, relationship building, leading and loving students. Some of the leaders you bring to camp will become your biggest supporters in the coming years of your ministry. We ask that you bring adults who are Christ-followers.

What does it cost for adult leaders to come to GENERATE?

The camp rate is the same for both students and adults.

What will Youth Ministers do at camp?

Besides being a totally cool hero for bringing your students, you will have plenty of free time to focus on being what God has called you to be. We encourage you to find the time to target the relationship building you need to do, as well as targeting students for pivotal faith conversations. We also gather together nightly as youth ministers and have prayer and interaction together with some of our camp leadership team.

Can I bring my kids with me to camp?

We know you are gone from home a bunch during the summer, so if you want to bring your kids with you we would love for that to happen. To help facilitate this, we have the Kids Academy of Awesomeness for children ages 5 through 6th grade. This will provide some awesome things to do with some of our staff from 10 am through 3 pm. You have the option to get them for lunch, or they can stay with the other children. A few things to note: Kids need to be potty-trained, and group size will vary by camp. There will be two of our staff with the kids during the day. This is a totally awesome feature for you to be a hero for your family!

Children under the age of 5, are free to spend the day with a parent.

Camp Cost for Children: Kids 0-2 Free, 3 yrs-5 yrs old $70 off published camp cost, 6 yrs old to entering 6th grade is $50 off camp cost and eligible to participant in the Kids Academy of Awesomeness.

What Free Time Options are available at camp?

Free time options vary by location, but generally, include:

  • a swimming pool
  • 3×3 basketball tournament
  • volleyball tournament
  • bumper ball soccer
  • The Get Down auditions
  • Q&A with the technicians
  • a movie screening
  • corn hole tournament and various lawn games
What’s the connection with YM360?

That is who we are. GENERATE for lack of a better description generates out of the YM360 offices in Birmingham, AL. If you don’t know who YM360 is you can find out more about us here. We also have some sweet resources and Bible studies to help you all year.

Is GENERATE connected to a specific denomination?

GENERATE is an inter-denominational ministry that serves many different evangelical churches. We think it is pretty cool that we get to be The Church when we gather together. If you want to know more about what we believe, you can check out our beliefs here: About ym360

What time do we need to arrive at camp?

Registration is from 1 pm to 3 pm in the time zone of the camp you are attending. Don’t make that mistake of traveling across time zones and not calculate it. We would encourage you to arrive closer to 1pm so you have plenty of time to get registered and check-in before we get rolling.

What does the price per person cover?

Lodging, yummy meals in cafeteria, Bible study, personal devotions, all large group gatherings with great leaders, all programming, a camp magazine, a t-shirt, a great time, and maybe world peace.

What do I need to do to register?

We try to make it easy. Just let us know you are coming and we will hold space. Deposits are due January 31st, but benefits come with paying your deposit early. Check out the financial details below.

What if we need to add people after we register?

After celebrating, contact us and as long as there is space available, no problem. We know you work hard to get students to camp, so if there is any way possible to have them join us we will make it happen. If there is not space, we will let you know.

Is there a camp store? Do we need extra spending money?

There will be resources and camp products available throughout the week, plus opportunities to get snacks during your time at camp. Monopoly money is not accepted.

Is there a dress code?

Of course. We ask for there to only be one piece bathing suits at camp, or a dark colored t-shirt over a two piece. Avoid short shorts (including guys showing off the bro thighs), spaghetti strap shirts, or really anything that will be a distraction to those around you. We honor God with how we dress. Be cool, but don’t be a fool! If needed, help a brother or sister out.

What if we have a student with special needs or medicine needs during the week?

We work hard to create an environment where all students are welcome. While they will be spending most of their time with you under your leadership, let us know with this Special Needs Request and we will do everything we can to make it a fantastic experience. Food allergies will be noted with cafeteria staff when needed.

What are LEAD Teams?

One of the best ways to learn to be a disciple-maker is to learn alongside other disciple-makers. LEAD teams allow for a small group of older students to be a part of a week of GENERATE by serving alongside our staff. Your group will participate in staff devotions, meetings, development, worship, and areas of concentration such as production, recreation and support roles. Additionally each student will receive t-shirt, a selected book about serving, endorsements for future employment and spend time in mentorship moments with a staff member. Cost for LEAD team participants is $150 per person with the youth minister from the group free. Maximum of 20 participants per week. Participants need to be 10th grade though graduates to participate.

How can I get more information about GENERATE?

Have a question? Need to chat? You can call our office at 888-969-6360, or you can email us at [email protected].

Is there training available to me as a youth minister or for my youth workers?

At YM360, we love helping youth ministers and youth workers put more tools in their tool box. There will be various training opportunities available at and associated with GENERATE. More details will be available soon.

What are the payment options?

• You can send payment by check to YM360, PO Box 36545, Birmingham, AL 35236.
• Pay by credit card (Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard) by giving us a ring at 888-969-6360. Camp payments over $3,000 paid with a credit card will be subject to a 3% convenience fee on the payment total.

What are some important dates to know?

October 31, 2018:
• Early Deposit discount ends. Receive $10 off per person for deposits paid for 2019 space. Camp payments over $3,000 paid with a credit card will be subject to a 3% convenience fee on the payment total.

January 31, 2019:
• Deadline for the deposit required to secure your space at GENERATE. Deposits are 25%of your price per person.
• Deposits made after January 31, 2019, will confirm reservations for your group if space is available and at a cost of $10 per person more than the Fall season published price.
• After January 31st, deposits are Non-Refundable AND Non-Transferrable. If any spots are dropped after January 31st, the deposit money paid on those spots will not be refunded or transferred to your final balance for camp.
• You can still register for camp at any time if there is still room in the camp.

14 days (two weeks) prior to your camp date (45 days prior to beach camp):
We will need to have received the following items:
• The remaining balance for your entire group
• Rooming list of all participants
• Group leader agreement form
• Waiver and Release Forms
– Confirmation of background checks on all adults attending
• If a cancellation from your group occurs, all final balances are non-refundable and non-transferable to another event within this two-week (or 45 days) window.

*Note: We do ask for all final payments to be paid for with a check. Checks can be made out to YM360 and can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 36545
Birmingham, AL 35236

Deposit Details

• Deposits are 25% of your price per person and are due by January 31, 2019. If you want to take advantage of our Early Deposit discount, you can pay for your deposits by November 1, 2018, and we will give you $10 off per person. We will hold your space with no deposit until January 31, 2019, but at that time we need you to confirm your space with a deposit.
• Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable for cancellations after January 31, 2019.
• Lost deposits are never fun so we love to avoid them, but know that it is just a portion of the budgeted amount to cover the real expenses from the week. And more than that, we all lose the opportunity to minister to the students we expected to be at camp. No winners in lost deposits.
• Housing priority is determined by the date your deposit is received. Our team begins placing groups in priority housing based off who paid a deposit first. We feel like that is the fairest way to do it.
• Priority is given to groups with paid deposits before January 31, 2019.

What if I cancel my registration?

YM360 believes in honoring our commitments to our camp location. If your numbers or plans change, please let us know as soon as possible. If this cancellation occurs before January 31st, we will make sure you get your deposits refunded. If you decrease your number or cancel inside 14 days (or 45 days for beach camp) before your week of camp, you will still be responsible for the FULL balance.

National Disasters, Travel Bans and Sudden Cancellations of Events Due to National Security

YM360 believes in honoring our commitments to our camp location and churches registered. Sadly, some events occur that can be outside the control of the YM360 staff. Events like hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, oil spills, etc. do occur, and can threaten the ability to host a GENERATE Event.  Also, other events like acts of terrorism, widespread violence, and national security threats can occur. If the GENERATE by YM360 Event that you are signed up for does have to be canceled in order to adhere to the current mandates at that time, no refunds will be issued to your church.

If you decide to cancel your registration for a GENERATE by YM360 Event due to a potential threat of these occurrences, but YM360 has not canceled the event, you will not be issued a refund.

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