GUIDE Option

Bible studies led by us.

GUIDE is the best option for churches who do not have adults in their groups capable of teaching the Bible study. Instead of your adult chaperones leading your students in Bible study, one of our Village Guides (a GENERATE staff member) will shepherd your group. Adults from your church will still be involved as participants with your students during the high-energy group-building activities at CONNECT, and worship services maintaining a 1:5 student-to-adult ratio. All groups that choose the GUIDE option will be combined with students from other churches.  Those in your group may also be a part of different tribes as well (PACK and PRIDE).


For more information on GUIDE, download a PDF by clicking here!

High Energy Recreational Activities
Bible Study Led by a Village Guide (a GENERATE staff member)
Starting at $389
GENERATE Camp by YM360
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Curriculum and Programming

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