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We believe you win with good people, and we are all about family on mission.
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Can you tell me about GENERATE?

GENERATE is the events arm of YM360, a Biblically-based curriculum company located in Birmingham, Alabama. We’re all about partnering with youth ministries to create moments that matter for students. We believe in strategic and intentional experiences where the name of Jesus is lifted up, where the Gospel is proclaimed through the preaching and studying of the Word, where students are encouraged to take the next steps in their faith journey, and where they are challenged to be a person of global impact.

That sounds great! How do I get involved?

We know that you win with great people, and we’re looking for folks to join the family. Not just any old rascal, but passionate, energetic people called to share the Gospel with students. We’ll be traveling around the country this summer, facilitating camp for 7th-12th graders and their youth ministers. There will be lots of late night heart-to-hearts in a 15 passenger van. There will be long days of leading recreation games and serving at mission sites. We’re gonna have to assemble some name tags. You will go out in public more than once, dressed in matching t-shirts with your 26 closest friends. And at the end of the day, we know that a camp doesn’t change anyone’s life. But a true encounter with Jesus Christ does. And we would love for you to be a part of that by applying for a position to serve with us as a family this summer.

Can you tell me about what each position actually does?

Yep. We’re all about family here at GENERATE, and first and foremost, our goal as family is to go out of our way to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. This may look like going the extra mile to make someone’s job a little easier, working double time to meet the needs of a youth minister, or building relationships with students. We want to always be asking the question: How can we show the love of God right now?

Along with the Event Coordinator and under the leadership of J. Roger Davis, president of YM360, this role will lead the summer staff professionally and spiritually. The GENERATE Director acts as a liaison between the campus contact and the GENERATE family and is essentially responsible for all aspects of camp. The person that fits this role needs to possess a strong gifting in leadership as well as a passion for disciple-making.

While serving on the GENERATE leadership team, this position is responsible for the staff members of the CONNECT team, who facilitates recreation and group-building.  Anything related to the CONNECT Option, from running recreational games to working with group leaders, this person is responsible for.

While serving on the GENERATE leadership team, this position is responsible for the SERVE team, who facilitates working with area mission partners.  The SERVE Director will aid in assisting churches who have chosen the SERVE Option in their communication with a mission partner in the community. From providing mission supplies to packing boxed lunches each day, the SERVE Director will be responsible for all aspects of SERVE.

While serving on the GENERATE leadership team, this position is responsible for the Production team, who facilitates all programming at camp.  This position will give leadership to anything pertaining to worship services and experiences. This position also will interact with all camp communicators and worship leaders.

This position leads a GENERATE Tribe in recreation for every week of camp for churches who have chosen the CONNECT Option or GUIDE Option. On any given day, the CONNECT Leader will be responsible for setting up and tearing down recreation fields, teaching recreation games to those on the LEAD Team, maintaining proper care of recreational equipment, and leading their Tribe in devotional moments.

This position leads a GENERATE Tribe in serving the community during camp for churches who have chosen the SERVE Option. On any given day, this position will be responsible for packing boxed lunches for the church within each SERVE Tribe, maintaining communication for the churches in each SERVE Tribe, traveling to and from each mission site to manage each church while serving, and maintaining proper care of mission supplies.

This position leads a group of students from churches who chooses the GUIDE Option through Bible study, recreation, and other gatherings.  The Village Guide will have a small group of approximately 25 people assigned to them each week of camp, will teach the daily Bible study (check out the 2018 Bible study overview), and will participate in the recreational games of CONNECT. Building relationships with the students in their village will be crucial to the Village Guide.

This position serves on the camp office staff and manages all details relating to housing every church group during their time at GENERATE. The Housing Coordinator will report directly to the Event Coordinator and will work as a team player to plan all details relating to each camp.

This position serves on the camp office staff and leads in assigning all GENERATE participants to a Village, or small group Bible study.  The Village Coordinator will assign meeting locations across the campus for all villages, and will work with campus contacts to ensure space is available for these Bible study times.

This position serves on the camp office staff and manages the sale of GENERATE resources. In addition to selling GENERATE resources, this position will also work with camp communicators and worship leaders regarding their items to be sold.  This position will give specific direction to those on the LEAD Team as well.

This position serves as the lead for the Kids Academy of Awesomeness and all hospitality areas. At each camp, the children of youth ministers, camp communicators, worship leaders, and other guests will have the opportunity to experience a day of fun while freeing up their parents to participate in camp with their groups. Ages include 5 years to 5th grade, and this position is in charge of facilitating activities including games, Bible lessons, and snacks.  This role will also be responsible for the upkeep of the hospitality elements in the youth minister’s meeting room, green room, and youth worker lounge.

Check out more about the Kids Academy of Awesomeness:

This position serves on the camp production team under the leadership of the Production Director. Actors will be responsible for performing and facilitating camp programming, including: Kickstart, Worship, First Light, and One More Thing. As a visible figure to camp, actors must possess a priestly mindset, as well as maintain a level of excitement and enthusiasm for connecting with students on a variety of platforms.

This position serves on the camp production team under the leadership of the Production Director. The Audio Engineer works closely with worship leaders for each camp to facilitate their experience as they lead students in worship as well as any other audio needs. They are also responsible for all audio equipment and will play a key role in loading in and out of venues.

This position serves on the camp production team under the leadership of the Production Director. In addition to playing a key role in loading in and out of venues, the Lighting Designer is responsible for all lighting equipment. They will create stage looks in conjunction with the set and create an environment appropriate to programming.

This position serves on the camp production team under the leadership of the Production Director. The Visual Producer is responsible for all video cues during camp and live media elements, as well as creating weekly videos and taking photos during camp. They will be responsible for programming graphics and lyrics for worship, as well as play a key role in loading in and out of venues. We prefer for this position to bring their own photography equipment.

The Home Office Coordinator will assist in the customer care process of GENERATE from the Birmingham home office. From creating rooming lists to making phone calls, this position will need to be a detailed, self-starter who can easily multi-task.

Where is GENERATE located?

This summer, we’ll have camps in Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Colorado, and Missouri. We’ll have two teams to cover these locations, so you won’t travel to every state listed. And, no, you don’t get to pick your team, sadly. Check out all our dates and locations!

What are the age and experience requirements?

All applicants must be one year removed from high school. Each position has different requirements, but all applicants must have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and agree with our beliefs and staff values.

What does the weekly schedule look like, and what do all the terms mean?

Check out the schedules for our camp options – CONNECT, SERVE, GUIDE, EXPLORE, and LEAD Team – to get an idea about what a day at GENERATE looks like. When camp isn’t in session, we’ll travel to our next location or occasionally have an off day. Need help understanding what the various terms mean? Check out our Schedule Key.

How do we get from camp to camp?

Some staff will travel in 15 passenger vans. Some will be responsible for driving trucks with set, tech gear, and CONNECT and SERVE supplies.

I really want to do this, but my parents want me to find a job that makes money.

Oh, we pay. Don’t worry about that.

Is there any kind of training involved? What's the preparation situation?

Below are the report dates for the summer. Production will have an extended training to accommodate rehearsals, and then all-staff training will begin. Some leadership positions will require an earlier start date and additional training, but we’ll let you know if that’s you.
Production Report – Monday, May 13, 2019
All-Staff Report – Tuesday, May 21, 2019
All-Staff Training – Tuesday, May 21 – Saturday, May 25, 2018
Camp – May 27 – August 2, 2019, depending on team
If you’ve got conflicts with any of these dates, we want to know about them. They don’t necessarily disqualify you from employment, unless you have like, seven weddings you’re in this summer.

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