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GENERATE Required Forms

Due two weeks after securing space for camp next summer:

Authorized Leader Agreement – Upon securing your space for camp next summer, we will need you to sign this form agreeing to GENERATE Camp’s terms and conditions.  This form can be emailed to generate@ym360.com.

Due two weeks before camp (Or 45 days for Beach and Conference Center Camps):

Special Occasion Form – Will someone be celebrating an occasion while at camp this summer? We would love to know! Based on the information given on this form, we will do all we can to make sure this event is celebrated. We need this form to be turned in to us two weeks before your first day of camp. This form can be emailed to housing@ym360.com.

Special Needs Request – Do you have a participant in your group with a food allergy, physical disability, or other specific needs? By filling out this form, GENERATE staff can take the needed actions to best serve this participant. We need this form to be turned in to us two weeks before your first day of camp. This form can be emailed to housing@ym360.com.

Rooming List – In the spring months, the GENERATE Staff will email you a personalized link to a Google Spreadsheet where you will fill out the following information:

  • The first and last name of everyone in your group
  • A roommate that each person would prefer to be housed with (we call this a housing pairing) – Most housing accommodations are with rooms that have a capacity of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. These room setups vary from camp location to camp location.
  • Shirt sizes for everyone in your group
  • Any known allergies or other special requests for the week.

Your Final Number – On this date, your church will no longer be able to drop space for your camp registration.


Due at Check-In on Day 1 of Camp:

Waiver and Release Form – This is the most important form for each person in your group. We need a Waiver and Release Form for every person in your group (including adults and children).  You can download the PDF here and turn in all signed Waiver and Release forms at Check-In on the first day of camp.

Background Check Verification Form – To ensure the safety of all who come to camp, we need all adults coming with your group to GENERATE to undergo a background screening. This form certifies that all of your adults have been screened within the past 12 months. We need this form to be turned in to us at check-in on your first day of camp. For a list of suggested sites to use for Background Checks, click here. 

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GENERATE Camp by YM360
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