Schedule Key

What do all these terms mean on the schedule? What’s the difference in First Light and Kickstart? Check out our Schedule Key below:

Registration and Check-In:
The first thing you do when you arrive at camp. At registration you will receive all final rooming assignments and keys.

Village Leadership Meeting:
Every student at camp will be placed in a small group Bible study called a “village,” and “village leaders” will be adults teaching the Bible study. At this meeting, adults will be given an overview of the Bible study for that day and will enjoy fellowship with all other village leaders.

Youth Minister’s Meeting:
At the Youth Minister’s Meeting, the GENERATE staff and youth leaders are able to come together to share important information, prayer requests, and advice. The camp communicator and worship leader will often share their heart for the direction of the worship service to follow this meeting.

Pre-Worship Gathering:
Each night before the worship service, students will have the chance to gather to prepare their hearts and minds for worship. Each gathering will be unique, but all will be led with the intent of creating the right environment for worship.

This is the evening worship service during each night of GENERATE.

Church Group Time:
This precious time is a chance for your group to come together to reflect on the day’s activities. Decisions that were made that day can be celebrated, and issues that need to be addressed within your group can happen during this time.

Lights Out:
We all would love a peaceful night of rest at camp, so Lights Out is the time when all activity and noise needs to come to an end. Your adult leaders will be the best ones to enforce this time.

First Light:
On the third day of camp, a brief devotion and prayer time will be led by a GENERATE staff member or the worship leader. This service is optional, and the location of this time will be announced the day before.

Quiet Time/Encounters:
Quiet Time/Encounters is a time set aside for your students to go through morning devotions on their own. Your group can meet in your assigned church group location, and then your students can spend some time alone going through their devotional that is found in their Camp Magazine.

This is the high-energy, light-hearted time of worship to “kick-start” the day’s activities.

Free Time Options:
Free time options will differ from day to day, and these options will be announced every morning at Kickstart. These options could include basketball tournaments, volleyball, creative art, and a talent show audition.

This is a time when all villages will take part in organized high-energy group-building games. Each day will have its own theme, and villages will compete against each other in these various games.

SERVE Send-Off:
All churches doing SERVE will come together to gather all needed tools, boxed lunches, and other supplies for their mission site. A GENERATE staff member will lead the group in a brief devotion and prayer, and then churches will be dismissed to their mission site.

One More Thing:
On nights 2 and 3 of camp, after Church Group Time, the GENERATE staff will host One More Thing. These activities will be announced at Kickstart and could include a camp talent show (The Get Down) and dodgeball tournaments.

Check Out:
This is when all keys need to be returned and rooms emptied of belongings. Need help packing up? Just let us know. We would love to make the checkout process as smooth as possible.

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