Markus McFolling

GENERATE Camp by YM360

Markus McFolling is originally from Seaside California. He moved to Ohio in 2008 as a collegiate athlete, but after two years as a professional player, he suffered a career-ending shoulder injury demanding surgery that also led him down a dark path of drug addiction. After losing his family and everything he knew and loved, he was inspired to make a full recovery and through God’s grace turn his life around. After rehabilitation and graduation from Adult and Teen Challenge Ohio Valley, his family was restored and Markus pursued his lifelong calling and dream to make a difference in the lives of others. Today Markus travels around the country teaching and preaching at churches, schools, conferences, camps, schools, and community events. Markus currently resides in Canton, Ohio with his wife, Chelsea, and two daughters, Averie and Dakota.


“We are thrilled to have Markus back with us again. He brings passion and purpose to his teaching as he cares for both the individual and group that he gets the opportunity to lead.” – J. Roger Davis