Jarrod Jones

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Jarrod is a visionary leader, pastor, author and gifted speaker. A native of Clanton, AL he attended Samford University where he played basketball, after which the Lord continued to work in Jarrod’s life and called him toward a life of ministry that saw him first as a youth pastor and then later answering the call to minister in the northeast. Today, Jarrod is the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church where under his leadership, the Lord has grown the church from one location to currently five campuses in the Orange County/New York City area.

He is passionate about bringing the glorious truth of the Gospel to all people and often uses humor and real-life experiences as he shared God’s Word and its practical application for daily living. He continues to invest in the people at camps, conferences, through his weekly podcast and authored The Backward Life and 13 Ways to Ruin Your Life. Jarrod, his wife Christie (from the Northeast), and their four kids Marni, Josiah, Titus, and Jubilee live in Sugar Loaf, New York. You can see more about him at www.jarrodjones.com.

“It has been many years ago, but Jarrod and I were at the same college together, later he served a church I was formerly the senior high youth pastor and during those days we would grab lunch and talk life and ministry. He and his family responded to the call to relocate and leverage their lives in the northeast and it has been awesome to see their faith grow alongside the church he leads.” – J. Roger Davis