Aaron Keyes and 10,000 Fathers

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As a gifted musician and songwriter, Aaron Keyes is known for intertwining scripture into every session he leads worship. It’s hard to find a worship leader who can speak scripture over a room as properly as Aaron Keyes can. Along with traveling the world to lead worship at different venues, Aaron has a passion for discipleship, and daily seeks to pour into the next generation of worship leaders to follow him. At each event Aaron is a part of, he loves to sit and converse with those who feel called to leading worship. Aaron, his wife Megan, and their four sons live in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Worship leading is so much more than singing on a stage for Aaron. Aaron is so passionate about this in fact, that he has created a training school called 10,000 Fathers which seeks to equip and disciple the worship leaders of tomorrow. This intimate but intense discipleship training is an incredible tool for the kingdom as it shapes the outlook on worship in the future.

Aaron has recorded five albums, the most recent being a two-part project with his band called, “Through it All.” 10,000 Fathers has released three albums, including the “Thank You for Fathering Me” project in 2017.

“Aaron has the heart of not just a leader, but a teacher. This brings a great depth to him as he desires for those under his leadership to not simply sing songs, but to know the proclamations and prayers they are making to God. I am thankful for the many years of partnering with Aaron and how he has grown a generation of worship leaders and students.” – J. Roger Davis