Mike Romero

GENERATE Camp by YM360
  • Hometown

Mike Romero Music is a group of creative musicians who recognize a real responsibility to train, equip and invest in God’s people as we work to praise Him together. They are a band, yes. But Mike Romero Music is truly just a group of artists who make music and provide resources. First and foremost, they are a collective of musicians who’ve been uniquely prepared to create music that resonates far beyond the church’s influence. They believe the music that deals with struggles and pain, joy and celebration can’t always just be labeled “worship music.” Rather, it’s just music that makes much of the Lord and communicates our journey to get closer to Him. In addition to music, they publish articles that serve as inspiration, devotion, and worship on a regular basis to support and contribute to discipleship.

The group desires for everything that comes out of their ministry to be geared towards amplifying creativity for the glory of God—an integrated approach of developing disciples who can then recognize their own talents to honor Him. Mike and his crew call the state of Texas home, but you can often find them throughout the country supporting churches and growing believers through various camps, conferences, and worship experiences. Check out www.mikeromeromusic.com to see more about Mike and their ministry.

“It has been pure joy to grow in relationship with Mike and partner with him as he begins leading at GENERATE. Your students will be served well while under his leadership as well as motivated as they return home.” “Kenneth is not just a communicator we partner with during the summer, he is a local pastor in Birmingham that many of our team sit under each week. I am confident your students will benefit greatly from also sitting under his leadership during a week of GENERATE.” – J. Roger Davis