Michael Kelley

GENERATE Camp by YM360

Michael Kelley knows we were made to be in a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This is not only the only way to eternal life; it’s the only way to experience true joy and fulfillment. It’s only through Jesus, though, that we come into that relationship because only through the sacrifice of Jesus can our sins be forgiven and the barrier between us and God be removed.

At the core of his ministry is helping people come into a relationship with God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, that relationship is meant to grow day by day as we walk with Him. He proclaims that God has given us everything we need for intimacy with Him. As we read God’s Word, understand it through the power of the Holy Spirit, and then live by faith, we walk both further and deeper with God in Jesus Christ. As a communicator, Michael understands his first job is that of clarity – to make sure as clearly as possible he helps people see what the Word of God has said, and therefore still says. When we come to God’s Word, we find that through the power of the Spirit that God’s Word is reading us at the same time we are reading it, and we find both comfort and correction so that we might, by faith, continue to walk deeply with Jesus.

Michael lives in Nashville, Tenn., with his wife, Jana, and three children: Joshua, Andi, and Christian. He is a graduate of Beeson Divinity School and is the author of several books, the most recent being, The Whole Story for the Whole Family: A Year of Jesus-Centered Family Devotions in addition to speaking at camps, conferences, and churches across the country. He has served in churches in Texas and Tennessee, on staff with Student Life, and most recently as Sr. Vice President of Lifeway Christian Resources.

“I have known Michael for many years going back to our days serving together on staff at Student Life while he was finishing up his degree at Beeson. Michael has always been a wise soul with a deep passion for people to hear and respond to the gospel. We are thankful to have him partner with us in that mission at GENERATE.” – J. Roger Davis