Kellie and Kristen

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Kellie and Kristen Fuselier are twin sisters with a singular purpose – to see the glory of God both exalted and delighted in by people from every nation.  “Our chief aim is to equip the church with songs dripping with scripture that not only inform our theology, but cause our hearts and voices to soar,” says Kellie, the vocal lead of the duo.  Nashville, Tennessee, is where both live, work, and serve the local church body.  “We are blessed to be surrounded by a church that loves to sing.  And we have found that what best unites every generation, both men and women, the expressive and reserved alike, is when we sing songs that rehearse and celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ,” adds Kristen, who leads from piano or guitar.

Music has been a constant for the girls throughout their lives, Kellie singing from the time she was just three years old and Kristen picking up her first instrument at age eight.  The pair have ministered through music in some capacity for more than ten years.  They each felt God whisper the call as teenagers.  “Our task has been to serve here, locally, in our church and our community,” explains Kellie.  “But this is a new season, one we feel the Lord has been preparing us for over the last decade.”

While being rooted and grounded in the local church is of utmost importance to the sisters, the time to reach out to the universal church has come.  “We have a message worth proclaiming about a Savior who loves the world.  We long to see the whole church united in song and are heeding the call to go and tell,” explains Kristen.  “Jesus tells us through the gospel of John that the Father is seeking those who worship him in spirit and in truth and that we are to love him with everything we are, with passion!” adds Kellie. “There are so many churches filled with people who have lost the passion of their first love, and so by the grace of God and the power of his spirit, we long to be part of a great awakening where hearts are rekindled because the real Jesus is made much of.”

“My daughter came home from an event that Kellie & Kristen were leading and quickly told me how awesome they are. I then began talking with other leaders that had been leading with them at various events around the country and heard similar praise. I then was able to get to know them and their ministry more and are thrilled that your students will also be lead well under them.” – J. Roger Davis