Ed Newton

Ed Netwon GENERATE Camp by YM360 Bible Communicator
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    San Antonio, TX
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Dr. Ed Newton is the Lead Pastor at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX. Prior to stepping into this role, Ed served in various church staff positions, including as youth pastor, recreation pastor, and minister of outreach and single adults. His calling includes evangelism, pastoring, teaching God’s Word, and connecting with people of all ages and cultures. Ed Newton is husband to his college sweetheart Stephanie and dad to London, Lola, Liv, and Lawson.

It was in the midst of adversity and major hardship during his high school years that Ed began his relationship with Christ. Because of his own radical salvation experience, he has the ability to meet people where they are and to minister to them during tough times. Through the encouragement of others and the study of scripture, as a senior in high school, Ed realized God was calling him to the ministry. He began his collegiate journey at Clearwater Christian College in Florida, then went on to earn Masters degrees in religious education and divinity, as well as a Doctorate in pulpit communication and expository preaching.

“From the first time I met Ed years ago, I was encouraged with his passion and commitment to be a leading voice for a generation of students. He boldly preaches the Gospel in love and understand that his number one responsibility is to be a clear communicator of the Bible.” – J. Roger Davis