David Walker and 10,000 Fathers

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For over a decade, David Walker has been leading and equipping people in corporate worship in a variety of settings. David has a great desire to uplift the local church and even leads worship often. David sees corporate worship as a fundamental key in the life of the believer, and David believes corporate worship to be an outward expression of what the Lord is doing.

David is so passionate about worship, that he has helped create a training school called 10,000 Fathers which seeks to equip and disciple the worship leaders of tomorrow. This intimate, but intense discipleship training is an incredible tool for the kingdom as it shapes the outlook on worship in the future.

David, his wife, Lauren, and their four children, Levi, Zoe, Milo and Edith, live in Atlanta, Georgia.

“David Walker loves not just leading people to worship, but teaching people to worship. When I have been under his leadership it is obvious that he is a teacher at heart.” – J. Roger Davis