Bethany Barr Phillips

GENERATE Camp by YM360

Bethany Barr Phillips has a heart of gold. Her desire for the Gospel message to be proclaimed reigns true in all sessions in which she leads worship. When talking about her new album “Bring the Heart to Life,” Bethany said, “We want to tell people Jesus is who He says He is and, through trusting in Him by Holy Spirit, He will bring your heart to life.”

However, like many of us, Bethany is no stranger to tragedy. After miscarrying her first child, personally dealing with cancer and surviving a major tornado, Bethany was able to cling to her Savior who knew all of this would be used later on to minister to those who need it most. Bethany, her husband Andy, and their daughter live in Alabama and faithfully serve where God has called them. She recently authored Facing Your Fears: A 40-Day Devotional in partnership with YM360 inspired by years of mentoring others as well as walking her own path of facing fear. You will absolutely love Bethany leading your students in worship.

“Bethany is a fantastic worship leader that leads with great energy and solid theology. Our team at YM360 has loved working with her for the last few years in writing projects because of the depth and creativity she has. Bethany is a joy to partner with and I am confident you and your students will benefit from sitting under her leadership.” – J. Roger Davis