Austin Stone Worship feat. Jaleesa McCreary

ASW is a family of worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, storytellers, and artist that serve at The Austin Stone Community Church. They equip the Church, both locally here in Austin, Texas, and around the world with content rich in theology and expression. This week will feature, Jaleesa McCreary, one of the key worship leaders and Director of Women’s Worship at ASW.

She has a desire to see God’s glory displayed in the brokenness of this world and to see God’s people encounter Him in a deeper way through the surrender of their hearts and lives. Her passion is to see lives transformed by the Lord’s unfailing grace and hope-filled truths as people seek to grow in a relationship with Jesus is evident in her leadership.

“I have worked with ASW for years and every year friends have told me, ‘you have to spend time with Jaleesa…she is amazing.’ I am thrilled that you and your students are going to get to spend time with Jaleesa during your week of GENERATE. You will be blessed” – J. Roger Davis